Night-Flowering Catchfly

Scientific Name:Melandrium noctiflorum.

Family Name:Caryophyllaceae (Pink).

Common Name(s): Sticky Cockle, Night-Flowering Campion

Origin: Introduced
-Originally from Europe

Identification: White to Pinkish florescent flowers
- Flowers are arranged in small clusters
- The flowers are open during the night
- Basal leaves are spoon-shaped
- The basal leaves are between 5-12 cm long on a short stalk
- Opposite stem leaves are lance-shaped with no stalk
- The opposite stem leaves are between 2 - 10 cm long
- Opposite stem leaves also have sticky stiff hairs on both sides
- The several stems stand up-right at about 20 - 90 cm tall
- Stems are swollen at the nodes with sticky hairs collecting at the top
- Flowering period of July to September

Characteristics: It is a weed because of the way that it reproduces. Up to 2500 seeds are dropped and blown around.
- This weed is successful because of how many seeds it can drop, which makes for a lot of them to grow
- The competitive advantage is the amount of seeds that they can produce.
- It spreads from the seeds. They get dropped and blown.?

Habitat: Near roadsides, railroads, fields and disrupted areas
- Found in the Peace River region

Control/ eradication recommendations: Mowing the lawn gets rid of it for the most part, until it grows back
- Chemical control which has been identified as Ally Extra, dicamba, and Harmony Extra or Infinity Tankmix
- So far there are not any biological control methods found.