Scientific Name: Hieracium Aurantiacum

Common Name(s): Orange Hawkweed, Devils Paintbrush

Origin: This weed is an introduced species.
- It was thought to be ornamental, but quickly became noxious.

Identification: Orange Hawkweed is easily identifiable by:
The Orange Hawkweed in a field.

- Vibrant Orange flowers
- Stem covered in black hairs
- Long Oval shaped leaves
- Has above ground runners
- grows up to 0.6 meters tall

Characteristics: The Orange Hawkweed as many characteristics such as:
- the weed propagates through wind dispersed seed pods.
- It also propagates vegetatively by stolons and shallow rhizomes.
- It usually grows in large clusters.

Habitat: The Orange Hawkweed can be found open areas such as:
- Meadows
- Pastures
- Clearings
- Roadsides
Orange Hawkweed is regarded as major concern in the:
Close up of the Hawkweed.

- Kootenay
- Okanagan
- Thompson
- Cariboo
- Omineca
and Peace agricultural regions.

Control/ eradication recommendations:
- Control small amounts by removing the rosette plants
- avoid breaking off shallow roots as the plants can grow back quickly.
- Tordon 22k and Grazon provide good control of hawkweed.

- Hawkweed Fact Sheet
- government pest control fact sheet