Scientific Name:Senecio jacobaea L.
Common Name(s): Common Ragwort
Origin: Introduced from Eurasia
Identification: Flowers: several to many daisy-like, bright yellow flowers in flat-topped clusters. Seeds: Ribbed seeds are 1 mm long wit a pappus of white hairs.
Characteristics: can reach 1 - 4 feet high,Tansy ragwort usually reproduces by seed, although it can reproduce vegetatively.
Habitat:Tansy ragwort is found roadside, in pastures, fields and cleared forested areas. It is not particular to soil type.
Control/ eradication recommendations: General control methods: Small infestations can be controlled manually by pulling up entire plant as long as it is done before flowers begin to seed. Large infestations are better handled by a combination of manual and chemical controls.
Cultural: Good pasture management techniques will prevent infestations.
Mechanical: Mowing is not effective, tansy ragwort can re-sprout if entire plant is not removed. Tansy ragwort becomes a perennial and will regrow every year until plant is removed.
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