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Sustainable Resources 12 Assignment

Your job is to research a specific weed and record important information about it in point form on the template provided. You will need to find a variety (at least 2) of images/graphics to support your research. You must explore several resources (minimum 2) for your assignment and keep a record of what you used for your notes. In addition to the resource list on this wiki and your own independent internet searches, books on weeds are available in Bacon's library. I love plants so make it interesting and have fun with this!
  • Do NOT just cut and paste information directly into your wikipage. Identify the important information and summarize it in point form. You may need to use some technical terms, but most of what you include on your wikipage should be in your own words.
  • Where possible, use images, charts, diagrams, organizers, timelines or other graphics to clearly and concisely show important information. Provide a label or text box for ALL graphics to explain their content.
  • Make your wikipage visually interesting by varying the size, boldness and colour of the text. Be sure to leave lots of white space on your page...too much text both confuses and discourages viewers.
  • Be on the lookout for "cool" bits of information for your wikipage.
  • If you have any questions about the wiki or can't do something... ask the person on either side of you for help. Part of your task is to learn a new way of presenting information as well as something about weeds.

Criteria (/48)

All points below will be marked on a 4 point scale.
4. Exceeding
3. Accomplished
2. Developing
1. Emerging

  1. All information is accurate, in point form,and listed under the appropriate headings. x 3
  2. All topics complete and covered in sufficient detail. x 4
  3. Evidence of editing; few grammatical or spelling errors. x 2
  4. Layout of text and graphics is visually appealing and designed to convey information effectively. x1
  5. Research time used productively. x 1
  6. A minimum of two resources used and listed. x 1
  7. Wiki completed by May 22.