Scientific Name:
Weedus Pestus
Common Name(s):
Nasty Weed
Origin: (Is it introduced?...from cultivation or accidentally,invasive,native)
Identification: (Characteristics/traits that will help anyone identify your weed)
Characteristics: (Why is it a weed?What makes your weed successful? What gives it a competitve advantage? How does it spread? Be thorough... how plants adapt and survive in their environment are one of the things that make them interesting.)
Habitat: (Where does it live? Where would it be found in B.C.?)
Control/ eradication recommendations: (Use the principles of IPM. Include at least one cultural, one biological and one chemical control method as described in the resources you have accessed. Be specific.)
References: (at least 2)
(Note: All headings in bold are to be used in your wiki, the information in brackets is there to help you but should not be included in your final product. Feel free to increase the heading size, change fonts and/or colours if you wish.)