Scientific Name:Lychnis Alba, Silene latifolia, Silene alba
Common Name(s): White cockle, White campion
Family: Caryophyll aceae (pink)
Origin: White cockle was introduced from Europe
Identification: Biennial or short-lived perennial with thick fleshy roots, reproducing only by seeds. Fragrant, showey flower white, about 2 cm in diameter, 5 notch pedels.
Characteristics: The white cockle spreads by seed pods.
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Habitat: White cockle grows in cultivated crops (especially legumes and grains), hayfields, fields, disturbed areas, railroads, and roadsides at low to mid-elevations in British Columbia.
Control/ eradication recommendations: The main strategy in managing this weed must focus on prevention of seed production.
(Use the principles of IPM. Include at least one cultural, one biological and one chemical control method as described in the resources you have accessed. Be specific.)
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